Books On Wheels

Books on Wheels
The Books on Wheels program brings library books to Tucsonans who are homebound within a 5 mile radius of the Wilmot, Himmel and Main libraries. Library customers tell us how many books they want each month and let us know their favorite authors and genres. They are matched up with volunteers who will select books and get them ready for delivery. Once a month, bicyclists swing by the library to pick up the books and provide a welcome delivery. They don’t just drop off the books and leave, but rather have a visit, share new authors and recent reads and bring back suggestions for the volunteers for the next month. This program brings a friendly visitor to residents who often do not have a lot of outside contact.

How you can help
You can help the Books on Wheels project by becoming a selection volunteer. If you like to read books, we can match you up with someone and you will be their steady selector once every month.

System-wide we deliver books to about 25 customers who are homebound, totalling approximately 100 books/month.