Our Team.

The Power of the Pedal has folks who are all involved in the local biking community.  In addition, we have a financial professional, the Librarian on the Move, a transportation planning professional and a public health professional.

Dorothy Barth

Director of Dollars

Dorothy is an actively retired accounting and finance professional and former director of the Arizona Cross State Bicycle Ride. She volunteers with several organizations that serve the Tucson community, and is currently lacing up her boots for a trip to Nepal and Pakistan.

Karen Greene

Director of Dreams

Karen is the Librarian on the Move for the Pima County Public Library. She has been running the BookBike project since 2012. Her goal is world domination by BookBike, and with over 100 BookBikes (and more on the way) that dream will one day happen.

Donna Lewandowski

Director of Deliverables

Donna is an active transportation planner, public health dabbler, League Cycling Instructor, avid reader and all-around bike nut.  This non-profit is the only place where she can combine all of the above.  Now if she could just figure out how to bring bats into the picture...

Amanda Monroy

Director of Data

Amanda is a public health policy professional. She ensures that we never lose sight of the wellbeing of our customers, partners, volunteers and ambassadors.